1981 Auto Dallas TX

No Longer Available

Last Updated: 2/3/19

Key Features:

Model Year: 1981
Odometer: Not Listed
Engine: Not Listed
Transmission: Auto
Color: Black

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Dallas
State/Region: Texas
Asking Price: $8,800
Contact: No Longer Available

This Jeep is the last of the true legacy of the “Real” Jeep (the original CJ series) built in the world. These vehicles are becoming more and more harder to find thus making it appreciate and more valuable by each passing year.



1981 Dallas TX

Last Updated

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  1. Would you send some more pics if it is still for sale? What is the running condition? Any rust? Odometer reading? Do you have the hard top?

  2. Hey David,

    Please contact seller direct with the above contact info(mail) for your further query about this Scrambler, as some seller do not monitor the post/comment here.


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