1981 Green Manual in Lakes Region, NH

No Longer Available!

Last Updated: 4/23/19 | Ad Source: Craigslist

Asking Price: $12,500

1981 lakes region nh

Key Features

  • Model Year: 1981
  • Odometer: 60,000
  • Engine: 6 cylinder
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Color: Green

Seller Details

  • City/Area: Lakes Region
  • State/Region: New Hampshire
  • Name: No Longer Available!
  • Phone: No Longer Available!
  • Email: No Longer Available!


More Information & Pictures

Up for a super solid Jeep scrambler runs and drives great had fun with it all summer was going to restore the whole thing but plans changed. Let me be clear it does not need a restoration it’s is fine the way it is with plenty of character.

Brand new engine installed 2 years ago the frame is mint and never been patched or welded body and floors are nice paint is ok. Soft top and soft doors decent seats are nice.

Craigslist Link Expired

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