1981 RetroMod in Frisco, TX

Last Updated: 7/31/2017 | Ad Source: Craigslist

Asking Price: $39,500

Key Features

  • Model Year: 1981
  • Odometer: See Below
  • Engine: 4.0L 6cyl
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Color: See Below

Seller Details

  • City/Area: Frisco
  • State/Region: Texas
  • Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: Not Provided
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More Information & Pictures

It’s been an incredible 18 months restoring this beautiful one of a kind Jeep Scrambler.  There isn’t much left on it that is original, and even the body has a modern look with the deep gray Kevlar coating.  The motor and transmission were replaced with a 4.0 L 6cy and 5 speed transmission from a 2002 Wrangler, but this carb conversion has plenty of torque and will climb a 90 degree wall with it in low gear.  I had planned to rebuild the motor and transmission, but after pulling the motor apart, we decided that it wasn’t worth the effort.  It has great compression and fires up as good as a fuel injected version and only had 60k miles on it.  We did however completely rebuild the transmission and installed a new clutch which now shifts perfectly.  The motor is set up for Air Conditioning with an existing compressor, however we didn’t install a AC kit.  The heater also does not work, but all dash gauges and pulls are in working order.  It would be easy to install if needed.  Now for the good stuff… here’s what we did…

Sandblasted body and added a kevlar coating in deep grey and a silver top.  The top is an aftermarket hardtop and was purchased new.  The interior dash panel was sprayed the same color as the top as well as the roll bar and family cage.  The rest of the interior is lined in black and has a carpet kit installed.  The Jeep has all new lighting on the interior as well as a bluetooth phone connection and two nice sounding speakers.  We built custom bench seats in the rear out of golf cart seats and added retractable lap belts.  The front buckets are new as well as the center console.  We also replaced the steering column with a new GM style unit, and added a sporty smaller steering wheel.  All of the necessary controls are conveniently on a small control panel near the drivers door that include a fan control, fuel pump, block heater, and interior and bumper LED lights.  The glove box is new as well as most of the dash gauges.  Under the hood supports a new brake booster, carburetor, can am filter, belts, washer fluid tank and wiper motor, radiator overflow, bracing brackets.  We added some awesome looking bumpers on the front and back and are welded to the frame for maximum support.  Also have a winch in the front bumper and LED lights for those dark turns in the night.  The Jeep was lifted 3 inches and has 20inch custom wheels and 36 inch tires.  There is a custom billet grill behind the OEM jeep grill.  Brake system was completely gone through and it remains a manual system.  

Here’s the bottom line.  This is an EPIC Jeep Scrambler.  I have never seen one like this and people go crazy when I pull up next to them or park it at the supermarket.  The colors are beautifully done.  If this was a new jeep, you could see this in the $80k range.  I’m expecting it to sell north of $40k, but set a very reasonable reserve.  Good luck and let me know if you have questions or want to view the vehicle before you bid.  Located in Frisco Texas and crossposted.

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