1981 V6 Auto Birmingham AL

No Longer Available

Last Updated: 2/3/19

Key Features:

Model Year: 1981
Odometer: Not Listed
Engine: 6 Cylinders
Transmission: Automatic
Color: Custom

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Birmingham
State/Region: Alabama
Asking Price: $18,000
Contact: No Longer Available

1981 Jeep Scrambler. All original…6cyl. w/auto

Work that’s been done to jeep…
Body was dissembled and blasted to bare metal
Painted back original cameo tan color single stage
New used factory original nutmeg seats
All faulty gauges/indicators and lights were replaced…so everything works in dash properly
Steering colum rebuilt
Inside rhino lined body color paint match
All new stainless bolts kit installed throughout
Replaced body mounts
Replaced motor and transmission mounts
Replaced fuel lines front to back
Replaced carb with motorcraft 2100
All electrical was gone thru…lights, horns, blinkers..everything works properly
New seals in axels and u-joints

I’m probably leaving some stuff out..spent thousands in parts and hundreds of hours in labor. The jeep isn’t perfect, but it’s a great looking jeep you can jump in, start up, and drive anywhere with no worries. I drive it daily.

Not positive I want to sell…but recently lost job, so may have to. 18k firm.



1981 Birmingham AL

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