1985 V6 Manual Kingman AZ

Last Updated: 6/14/16

Key Features:

Model Year: 1985
Odometer: 114,131
Engine: Straight 6
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Color: Yellow

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Kingman
State/Region: Arizona
Asking Price: $7,500
Contact: Scott @ (928) 897-5421

Purchased this with the idea of an off the frame restoration, but it never got off the ground. No rust, no collision. Runs, but needs work. Not all original, but not really customized. I got this from a tour company in Phoenix about 1 ½ years ago. Just replaced the front brake lines. This Jeep is by no means perfect, but an excellent basis for a rebuild.

Straight 6, 4 speed, low geared, straight body, custom jerry can rack, Hi-Lift jack, custom top.

It’s a used vehicle, but not abused. There are some crappy welds but I was planning on grinding those out and fixing with the restoration. The only two tires that match are in the front. The driver side cable on the tailgate is broken. The fuel gauge is non-operable. Interior not original. Plastic panel on custom top on passenger’s side is missing (just giving details so no one’s surprised). They only made 27,000 of these things in 5 years and this one is in pretty good condition.

Odometer reading: 114131, I doubt that’s the first time around.

This is a Rare Find! $7500 obo



1985 Kingman AZ

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