1985 V8 Auto in Great Falls, MT

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Asking Price: $16,000

1985 great falls mt

Key Features

  • Model Year: 1985
  • Odometer: 260,000
  • Engine: 8 cylinder
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Color: Custom

Seller Details

  • City/Area: Great Falls
  • State/Region: Montana
  • Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: See Below
  • Email: See Below


More Information & Pictures

My daily driver since 2014 is up for grabs – roughly 15k on a reman engine and 12k on a rebuilt tranny – 260,000 chassis miles. Cross posted on Facebook.

Dana 300 transfer case. Seeps, needs a new breather tube, works awesome.
AMC 304 V8 with period edelbrock carb, intake, and header upgrades
Starts to -30F (Drove it all winter), doesn’t overheat (Drive it all Summer.)
Dana 30 front/AMC 20 rear, minimal drivetrain modifications.
Heater/defrost works great (New heater core, totally rebuilt fresh air box, upgraded fan motor and fan)
Wipers work.
Hard doors are aligned – Driver’s side has a small hole from an attempted weld.
Vintage stereo works and has aux input for your phone.

A better dipstick tube. I judged the leak worth living with, as the tubes for the AMC 304 never seem to fit right.
The crappy header collector junction on the passenger side addressed.
The carb rebuilt-(my next maintenance project…)
The awful speaker holes cut in the dash repaired.
The internal door window seals replaced before winter.
The center console seat I never installed put in so it can carry 3 peeps.
A spare tire mount! I could never decide what I wanted.
Minor love, like a header bolt tightened, about once a month. Will need the annual wheel bearing greasing coming up soon, I usually do it in the spring.

I used it like God and AMC intended and had a blast with it, now I’m focusing on tractor, garden, and dirt bike projects. Have receipts and maintenance lists back to 2014 when I had it shipped up from Florida. Comes with a full set of summer and winter tires. Title in hand, willing to entertain cash + trades (Vintage Motorcycles, Machinery.)

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