Listed below are a few of the best places to find both new and used Jeep Scrambler parts.  If you would like to list parts for sale on this site please use our Ad Submission page.


CJ-8 Fit Parts For Sale on Craigslist

Although rare you can find used OEM Scrambler parts listed for sale on Craigslist.  Your best bet is to check the “Auto Parts” section of your local Craigslist classifieds site.

You can also check our Parts Section which features some ads reposted from Craigslist.


Scrambler Parts on eBay

Use the box below to see various popular Jeep Scrambler parts for sale on eBay along with current auctions.


Independent 3rd Party Resources

Jeep CJs and Wranglers are some of the most popular vehicles for aftermarket customizations and owner modifications.  Because of this there are many new parts and accessory resources online.  We have listed a few of the top resources below



Quadratec is one of the top resources online for all types of Jeep parts and accessories, especially the Wrangler and CJ models.  After clicking on the link above filter by CJ-8 and click on the desired part category to see available components.


Morris 4X4 Center

Morris 4X4 at is a top place online to find various Jeep parts.  Click on the link above to go directly to the Jeep Scrambler section. is a site focused on surplus parts for all types of CJ Jeeps including the CJ-8.  Click on the link above to go directly to the Scrambler page.


Any other good Scrambler parts resources?  Let us know in the comments section below…




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